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Christian Counseling: What to Expect

In the journey of seeking professional help, many Christians find comfort and solace in turning to Christian counselors. Oftentimes, clients do not know what to expect in Christian counseling, but they know they want help from someone they feel they can trust. Trust is the cornerstone of any successful counseling relationship, and Christian clients often place a high value on finding a counselor who understands and respects their faith.

An open Bible is sitting on shelf.
Christian Counseling Office

When you're considering Christian counseling, you're probably wondering what lies ahead. You might be thinking, "What's it really like?" Truth is, it can vary from one counselor to the next, from one session to the next. Christian counselors often prioritize client-centered care, which means they collaborate with their clients when determining what faith integration in therapy sessions may look like.

At Restored Waters Counseling, we consider the whole person, assessing psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We seek to understand your faith, beliefs, and how you want to integrate them with therapy. Some clients may wish for a strong integration of faith, including prayer, scripture, and discussions of spiritual matters while others do not. Based on your input and preferences, we tailor our therapeutic approach. Integration preferences can vary widely, and we respect these differences. We’ll discuss your expectations during our first session.

We combine various modalities and evidence-based practices to provide a comprehensive and personalized counseling experience. Treatments we utilize are cognitive behavioral therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and the Gottman Method. These modalities work well for those wanting an integrated counseling experience.

When you enter into counseling with us, you can expect we will uphold the values of our faith and our profession. At Restored Waters Counseling, we value treating you with dignity and respect, working toward your good, being truthful and keeping our commitments, creating a safe place for you to be heard. In collaboration with you, we will create and work toward goals for your well-being.

Interested in Christian Counseling?

If you are interested in counseling that is able to integrate your Christian faith and evidence-based therapies, we welcome you to make an appointment. Your journey to healing and growth can start here. Begin Your Journey


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